The Mandate Letter is a fast-growing newsletter about the evolving state of men and masculinities

Recent years (#metoo, Trump, etc.) have brought new urgency to the conversation about what it means to be a man. Thanks to the work of a wide range of progressive artists, influencers, celebrities, and journalists, our culture is beginning to embrace an emergent form of masculinity that leaves old, macho stereotypes behind.

This weekly-ish missive dives head-first into the culture of manhood. It features the flashpoints and hypocrisies that perpetuate unhelpful stereotypes as well as reports of the progress being made toward a wide-spread understanding of conscious, authentic, and mindful masculinity.

About me — Jason Rogers

As an Olympic medalist and former fashion model, I’ve spent most of my life conforming to unhealthy expectations of manhood. As a result, I believe that we should be moving toward a more conscious expression of masculinity.

You can check out some of my other work at Men’s Health magazine (struggling with bedroom anxiety & starting a romance book club for men) and keep up with me on Twitter.

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